The legend of “The Masters of deserted Mount” is a nature trail organized in 2 loops of 1.7 and 4.5 km.

Carte des circuits

Through a Legend, discover the history of the Nant des Granges’site.

The route goes on 2 separate loops:
Les Garins loop - Introduction (top)
Carved totems tell you about the legend of “the Masters of the Deserted Mount”
Starting point: Les Garins car park
Time: 2 hr - lenght: 4.5 km - difference in altitude: 200 m

Les Granges loop - Epilogue (bottom)
Mountain under construction! Discover the modern techniques to counter landslides and the history of the 1931 disaster through construction panels.
Starting point: The tennis car park behind La Maison du Parc (the Nature park’s headquarters)
Time: 45 min - lenght: 1.7 km - difference in altitude: 60 m

The trail link
Lenght: 3 km return (1 hr 45 min more and 270 m of height difference)